The house was designed for a family of four with an option of a separate residential unit. The  design of the project emphasizes the connection between the exterior and interior with the option of keeping it intimate and inconsideration of the topography field. Relationship between inside and outside was important, and so every public space has been designed with a reference to the central patio space with the possibility of closing so that the outside stays indoors. This element allows the house to be open and bright even when everything is close and intimate.

The house was designed with the understanding and emphasis on accessibility. Diffrent levels are adjusted throughout the house. In addition, it is possible to exploit the two parts of the house as separate units. Materials and textures were selected as part of the general concept of the public perception as the residential space that contains the privet place.

As a result of environmental understanding, the house was designed as a volume from which clean residential unit appears. It is a key structural component that allows it to be an integral part of the public space of the house. Spaces are characterized by volume, texture and materials.