On a side street in Binyamina, between a group of homes and a nearby orchard, lays the house.

Topography & physical data were an opportunity to express architecture that espiers to connect to the ground and redefine the living space. The house can’t be detected from the outside due to its location, Instead it is becomes a process of discovery on the way to the orchard.

 The entrance presents right away the full meaning of connecting the house to its surroundings, when entering the lobby the resulting sense is of a space that it’s boundaries is far beyond the actual boundaries built, it ends at the Orchard. The patio space, located at the entrance, links not only between outside and inside, but also between two floors .It allows natural light and air to flow various parts of the house.Second floor was designed as a different volume separate for the children. Lobby and patio climbing and building the family space, and they “correspond” with the orchard, but in an intimate way.

Front space is designed so that the family area will be private, and so windows were opened on the eastern facade, allowing a different perspective to the orchard and light to penetrate the space differently as an interpretation to the light sticking out through the treetops so it permeable to the house and becomes an integral part of it.