The house was designed as a small housing unit (55 sqm) for a young couple with a child.

The design challenges inherent in designing a residence in a small area, allowed us to redefine the relationship between public and private spaces according to our worldview. The concept is that the anchor of the house is the private space, connected to the ground and enables the public space to exist. Accordingly, we used different volumes to each space and contrasts of colors for the facade.

We believe that regardless of the size of the house, the process of arrival and entrance is a ceremony that begins isolation and routine of everyday life and therefore the public portion is raised from ground and arrival is via a ramp located along the eastern front. Surrounding public space and private space creates new spaces that define the relationship between inside and outside, allowing the mantle to produce shading and entry conditions based on the calling structure of the field in relation to the sun and wind directions.