ADOM Architects” is a multiscale architectural practice.
The office combines in its work experience in planning several varied projects, extensive knowledge, professionalism and an approach which focuses on a wide view of the customer’s requests and needs.
We believe in multidisciplinary architecture that emphasizes complete design, and combines two fundamental principles: full design of the project from the client’s point of view, and proper management of the project in all its technical aspects until completion. Multidisciplinary architecture requires the designer to view the big picture, including the personal characteristics of the user, his/her desires, habits and environmental needs, the project and its limitations (the structure, its inner space, exterior surrounding and area within which it is set, etc.), the most advanced technology, the geographic location and its culture, and the given budget. This approach necessitates a systematic, yet creative and functional process both for the architect and the client, and serves as a platform for designing a well-balanced environment.
“ADOM Architects” was founded in 2010 by arch’ Lior Lightman and Amihai Sagi. The office participates in several projects in many architectural design categories: private and joint housing, industrial and commercial structures, urban and environmental design, governmental and public buildings, etc.
The perspective of  “Adom Architects” calls for a humanistic view centered at a specialized focus on architecture. The office supports creativity, conceptual thought, environmental consideration, harmonic existence and cultural contribution. We believe in this approach and in the global change leading our world, and view our services as a challenge without compromise. Our world in all its components, and our existence as human-beings, are the whole. Our work is only a part of that whole, to which we are committed.